*I am a Therapist licensed to practice in New York State. Please note that I will be unable to offer online therapy outside of NYS.

What is Online Therapy? Online Therapy is a type of therapy that is provided via internet. We use a secure platform called VSEE, that is HIPPA compliant, very easy to use and set up.

What is needed for Online Therapy?

All that you would need for Online Therapy is a quiet & private place, Wifi Connection, and an electronic device with a camera such as a phone, laptop, or tablet.

How does Online Therapy work?

The way Online therapy works is quite simple. You'll first schedule an appointment with your therapist. A few minutes prior to your scheduled time, you’ll sign on to the video platform. Your therapist will call you at your appointment time and provide you with your therapy/counseling session.

What are the benefits of Online therapy?

There are many benefits associated with Online Therapy, which you can see listed below: For those who do not want to be seen in a therapist’s office, then Online Therapy provides that level of discretion. You do not have to leave your home and can talk from the comfort of your own space. Time and money is saved with less commuting to and from yours therapist’s office. Therapist’s work outside normal business hours, therefore there is more flexibility in scheduling and offering appointments.

How much does it cost?

Some insurance plans will cover Online Therapy. If your plan does not cover this type of Therapy, we accept cash, credit cards, flex spending savings account. The cost for sessions will be $220 for individual and $240 for couple video sessions. If we are Out of Network and your insurance plan offers Online Therapy, we will provide you with an itemized statement to give to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Is Online Therapy effective and will it help me?

Online Therapy has been growing rapidly especially as people continue to rely immensely on the internet for information, resources, and support. Online Therapy with a qualified therapist can be just as effective as in-person Therapy. Some client’s actually prefer this type of Therapy especially when they become aware of benefits, such as not having to commute or not having to worry about seeing someone they know in their therapist’s office.

To schedule your first video session, call Candida Diaz with Face to Face Counseling and Psychotherapy @ 917-834-6211, email cdiaz@facetofacecp.com