Important facts to know about Depression

Depression is a mental health condition that can affect adolescents, adults, and children. It is classified as a mood disorder and is sometimes referred to as Clinical Depression or Major Depressive Disorder. This condition is quite different form the typical sadness one might feel. It is also very different from feeling, "down," or "having the blues." One cannot simply "snap out" of being Depressed. Unfortunately, many people use these words interchangeably, not completely understanding the severity of the symptoms a Depressed person is experiencing.

Depression can affect many aspects of a person's life. They may withdraw from family and friends or may no longer take care of their hygienic needs. Depression can stop a person from going to work, school or from attending normal day to day activities. In severe cases, a depressed person may be suicidal.

Listed below are some symptoms to look for if you or your loved ones are worrying about having Depression.

  1. Persistent sad mood

  2. An inability to focus or concentrate

  3. Significant change in appetite

  4. Sleep difficulty or sleeping too much

  5. Loss of motivation or interest in activities that were once a normal part of your life.

  6. Feelings of hopelessness

  7. Thoughts of taking your life or someone else's life.

Know that there is help! Many people benefit from psychotherapy alone or psychotherapy in conjunction with medication to help manage their symptoms. Seeking help is the first step.

If you are concerned, call and speak with a professional therapist that can appropriately assess for Clinical Depression. You can call Face to Face Counseling and Psychotherapy @ 917-834-6211, email, or use our Contact Us web form and we'll contact you. If you have an emergency, please reach call 911 or take yourself to the nearest emergency room.

Candida Diaz