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Individual Therapy

As we go through life, we may find hurdles and obstacles that prevent us from growing and from living a happy life. There may be stress from your relationship with your partner, exhaustion as a parent raising your adolescent child, or you may simply feel depressed or anxious and not understand why. Individual Therapy can help you to overcome some of these challenges.

Family Counseling

As adults, we have many roles in life. The role of a parent…a daughter…a sister…a grandparent, etc. No matter what your role is in life, I am certain that if you are visiting this site, you want to be able to fulfill your role as best as possible. You may be unable to manage the demands of having an adolescent child, may have constant arguments in the home between all household members, or may not be able to get along with your own parent. Family Therapy with your loved one(s) can be helpful in learning to effectively manage unresolved family problems.

Couples Therapy

“Things were so much easier in the beginning.”

“What did I do to make him cheat?”

“We’re living more like friends than husband and wife!”

“Is our marriage over? Are we heading for divorce?”

These are some of the questions and worries that couples have. Being in a relationship can bring so much happiness into ones life however when couples begin to drift apart and when problems only worsen, happiness can easily turn into misery. Couple Therapy focuses on repairing communication that has been lost and on rebuilding the emotional and intimate connection that once brought you together. You can feel closer to your partner and once again create a path of life long happiness together.

Online Therapy (AKA Telehealth or Video Therapy)

Online therapy is a new approach that has become just as popular as In-Person Therapy. Just as technology advances, so does our way of communicating. We have noticed an increasing demand for video therapy simply because of it’s convenience and the confidentiality it offers. Therapy is provided from the comfort of your own home using your phone, computer, or laptop. Your therapist is able to see you through a video based app that is very easy to use and install. For further information, please visit the Online Therapy link on the top of this page.

Premarital Counseling

When you fall in love and finally decide to spend the rest of your lives together, that is an exciting Life changing Commitment! Many couples want to make sure that this Commitment will last forever. Through pre-marital counseling, you will be able to learn tools and strategies that will keep your love for one another stronger and you’ll feel more connected to your partner. Pre-marital Counseling opens up a deeper level of communication and openness that at times becomes forgotten.