About Us: Our Practice, Our Story

Face To Face Counseling & Psychotherapy. We work with individuals and couples on managing Anxiety, Depression and on Improving Relationships.

The story of Face to Face Counseling & Psychotherapy

Hi there. My name is Candida R. Diaz and I am the founder of Face to Face Counseling & Psychotherapy. I am a practicing Psychotherapist and Life Coach. I wanted to personally give you a background of how my practice came about.

Growing up, I often found myself curiously observing people and how they responded to one another. I observed couples who although they loved one another, did not behave as though this was true. I noticed how people in relationships often complained about their loved ones and did absolutely nothing to change or improve their relationships.

From a young age, people easily confided and shared with me their deepest trauma’s and most personal secrets. At that time, I had no formal education or training but somehow I was the go to person. I saw that couples remained together not for love but more so out of expectation & convenience. Those who entrusted me with their secrets and personal trauma’s suffered in silence and pretended in the eyes of others that they were ok when they were in fact suffering. Their unhappiness and constant emotional struggles were heartbreaking for me to see. I made a choice early on to not let myself follow in those dysfunctional and unhealthy patterns that were so often around me and to help others to do the same.

Immediately after HS, I started my College Education. School introduced me to human behavior and to social well-being. And once I graduated and began my career working with clients, my passion for a healthy and happy lifestyle only grew. I took what I learned from school & work and applied those techniques to my own life. My goal was to be successful as a mother, as a wife, and as a professional. I proudly opened my group practice in 2011 with a passion to help others to have a stress-free and healthy life. Here at Face to Face Counseling & Psychotherapy, my team and I would be honored to help guide you in creating a better life for yourself. A life that is happy, healthy, and with purpose.


You deserve to be Happy and in complete Control of your Life. You no longer need to feel ANXIOUS, DEPRESSED, or OVERWHELMED.