Feeling Broken Inside?

Learn to heal from past trauma and reconnect in your relationship

Let me start off by defining Trauma. Trauma is characterized by a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. The word Trauma is actually a Greek word for “wound.” In the therapist’s world, we identify two types of trauma trauma’s with the big “T” and smaller trauma’s, with the little “t.” Traumatic experiences that put anyone’s life at risk or in danger, such as being sexually violated, being exposed to violence or physical abuse are just a few examples that would fall under the big “T” category. Distressing experiences that may occur in one’s personal life such job loss, messy relationship breakups, financial distress tend to fall into the little “t.” Neither of these trauma’s, should be left untreated or ignored. The reason for this is because at some point, the painful & unresolved trauma will affect one’s emotional state and can have a negative impact in one’s relationship.

I would like you to consider what happens to a bottle of soda that is shaken and then immediately opened. What happens to the liquid? Yes, It comes gushing out of the bottle, pretty much exploding and creating a mess. When unresolved trauma is left untreated, it is buried and put to rest at a temporary state. The trauma is not at all forgotten and will be reactivated once triggered. Just like the soda, feelings will erupt and can manifest itself into unhealthy and dysfunctional relationships.

It’s clear to see from this example just how past unresolved trauma can affect new relationships. People do heal from trauma and can have healthy and satisfying relationships. Listed below are some ways for a person suffering from trauma to reconnect with their partner.

1. Remember to keep present in your current relationship

2. Allow compassion, love, and forgiveness into your life

3. Keep Communication Alive

4. Seek out relationships that are safe, secure and stable

5. Develop and practice emotional awareness and regulation

6. Be Aware of triggers

7. Practice Self Care regularly

Trauma, whether Big or Small, can be significant and life changing. If you have not been able to recover and feel your relationship has been impacted, reach out for some guidance. A trained therapist, can help you to process your emotions and cope with these challenges. Our staff at Face to Face Counseling & Psychotherapy 917-834-6211 can help you in improving yourself and your relationships.
Candida Diaz

February 17, 2019

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Candida Diaz